Thank you for your interest in Challenge Camp.

Based on feedback from previous years, this time round we are aiming to simplify the process of applying by splitting the application into two sections – one that would be filled in initially, and a further followup form to gather important details, medical information etc once the candidate has been accepted into the programme.

The deadline for us receiving the first application form is Monday 8th April. 2019. We will assess these applications and come back to those who have been successful and ask them to complete the second application form which we need to receive by Monday 3rd May, 2019. This form will need to be completed in conjunction with the applicant’s Doctor, so please allow plenty of time to do that.

Below are both PDF and Word versions of the document. You might find it easier to use the Word version of the form and type your answers directly into the document. Please then sign the parts of the form requiring a signature and return the entire document to us. We are happy to accept scanned copies. The email address and postal address to send the forms to are inside the document.

Should you have any queries about eligibility or what to put when filling in the form please let us know. 



Word Document: Rotary-Challenge-Camp-2019-application-Part-1

PDF Document: Rotary-Challenge-Camp-2019-application-Part-1



PART 2: MEDICAL ASSESSMENT FORM: (only fill this in once we’ve confirmed your place in the Challenge Camp – we provide it here so you can see what questions need to be completed)

Word Document: Rotary-Challenge-Camp-2019-application-Part-2-medical

PDF Document: Rotary-Challenge-Camp-2019-application-Part-2-medical